What Facilities Should Be Available in a School for Children

What Facilities Should Be Available in a School for Children

High-quality and updated school facilities have a great impact on children’s learning process. It affects their behavior, growth, and development. In schools where kids do not get adequate facilities, students face a lot of hindrances affecting their learning and healthy development. All the Best Schools in Liberia offer a hospitable and conducive learning environment where students and teachers feel free and safe.

However, when it comes to providing the best school facilities to students, it is certainly an expensive undertaking. However, school authorities should never neglect that for the physical and mental welfare of the students. The institution should have every possible facility that would allow students to train their minds, expand the horizons of their knowledge and also enhance their skills.

The basic Facilities that Every School Should Provide to Their Students:

So, if you are in the process of selecting a school for your kids, please consider the facilities provided by each school and then select the best option for the little one. For your reference, experts have made a list of facilities you should look for before selecting the school for your child.

Well ventilated and All Equipped Classrooms:

In a school, classrooms should be well-ventilated and airy. Kids may develop respiratory conditions and find it difficult to stay in a class that is suffocating. Moreover, students having respiratory problems can feel uncomfortable in such an environment and that can affect their learning capabilities. Besides being well ventilated and airy, classrooms must be equipped with modern teaching technologies and computer learning aid for individual attention and development. The classrooms should be such where teachers can use various teaching methods and tools and conduct special classes to enhance student’s confidence.

Hygienic Toilet:

Clean and well-maintained toilet facilities assume great importance in the school premises and they need to be constructed depending on the number of students enrolled. You would be surprised to know that even in the 21st century, many schools do not have the proper infrastructure to improve the overall growth of the students. Regular cleaning, washing, and disinfecting the toilets are imperative to prevent the spread of bacteria and infections.

Playgrounds and Sports Facilities:

Besides being educated, kids should grow up as physically and mentally healthy human beings. So, sports facilities are one of the most important aspects that parents should consider before they enroll their kids in any school. According to the school management of Junior High School Liberia, a good school should offer a variety of indoor and outdoor gaming options for their students like basketball, table tennis, badminton, swimming, etc. Nowadays, many schools are providing meditation, yoga, and karate classes to develop students’ mental and physical strength.

A Library:

Schools should provide a well-stocked library facility to their little Shakespeares and Wordsworths. With a properly equipped library, students and teachers can do their research work and learn more to complement their classwork. School libraries should have various types of books like poetry, sonnets, plays, science-fiction, classics, non-fiction, encyclopedias, student magazines, etc.


Laboratories are one of the must-have facilities that schools should provide to their students to make sure they are doing hands-on experiments and exploring various learning materials to support their classroom understanding. Schools should have different labs for physics, chemistry, biology, and computers. Nowadays many schools are providing lab facilities even for geography, language, and math.

School Transport:

The Best Schools in Liberia offer school transport facilities to the students to make sure their journey from home to school is hassle-free and they can concentrate more on their studies.

Well-trained teachers:

Nowadays well-trained and experienced teachers are considered as a valuable resource and should be availed in a good number. There should be enough teachers to maintain a healthy and productive student-teacher ratio. In a small student group, teachers can provide individual attention to each student and this makes the whole teaching-learning process effective. JW Harris Memorial School is the best school in Liberia to make every child’s future.

Therefore, if you want to put your child in a well-reputed school, please look into the basic facilities it is providing, ensuring your child is in the best and safe learning environment.

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