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Our Belief

We at JW Harris Memorial School lay a strong emphasis on the physical and mental development of the students through sports and athletics. This is why sports activities form an important part of our sports curriculum.

Sports and Athletics are as important as education in a young child’s life; we here at JW Harris Memorial School make sure that our students find a perfect balance between the two. Hence, we are equally proud of our sports curriculum as we are of our academic achievement. Our students are encouraged to participate in sports activities that they like and excel in.

Sports at JW Harris Memorial School

Sports have the ability to inculcate qualities such as leadership, tenacity, perseverance analytical thinking, and decision making in the student. Observing these multi-faceted benefits of pursuing a sport, we strongly encourage our students to indulge in sports activities.

Playing any kind of sport not only helps in the physical development of young bodies but also teaches them life skills like tenacity, analytical thinking, leadership, perseverance, and decision making. This is why we make sure each of our students participates in various kinds of sports activities that will foster these qualities.

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Sport as a Learning Tool

At JW Harris we want to create students who have nerves of steel & muscles of iron, and thus we emphasize sports being a part of the school curriculum. Through sports, students can develop:

Discipline & Self-Confidence

Sports and games teach the children to be disciplined because to play a game well, you need to play it by rules. Hence sports have the magic touch of turning even the unruliest child into a disciplined one. As a child’s love for sports grows, and he or she excels in it, so does the child’s self-confidence. And that is very important for the emotional and mental upbringings of a child.


A little competitive nature is very much needed to spur a child into doing his or her best. And nothing makes a child more competitive than the sports field. Hence through our sports curriculum, our children not only become physically fit, but they also learn to be competitive in a healthy manner.  They learn to work for their goal and also learn how to be graceful under pressure.


Any kind of sports activity teaches a child to be tenacious, develop fortitude, and be perseverant. The children also learn how to play with others and develop the qualities of grit and determination. Nothing else matters in a sports activity than the players’ hard work and ability to endure hardship while practicing to perfect their skill. All these qualities not only make them better sportsmen but also help them in their adult life to find success in their chosen field of work. 

Hence, for turning today’s children into future leaders, there should be a balance between the lessons they learn in the classroom and the lessons they learn in the playground. And we here at JW Harris Memorial School aim to strive at that perfect balance through our sports curriculum.