Field Trips

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School Activities - JW Harris Memorial School

Our Belief

We believe in experiential learning and therefore, field trips are a regular feature of our school activities. Education Field trips serve the purpose of exposing the students to new, and unfamiliar environments, thus driving them to be curious and outgoing.

Field Trips at JW Harris Memorial School

We, at JW Harris Memorial School, use field trips as a complementary tool for teaching as well. They serve the purpose of shunning the boredom of learning concepts while sitting in a classroom. Further, our teachers utilize these trips to explain concepts of subjects like Physics and Biology in a practical and real-time manner. Thus, field trips act as mobile classrooms for our students.

School Activities - JW Harris Memorial School

Field Trips for Holistic Learning

Since learning is a never-ending process that has no boundaries, limiting it just to the classroom is not something we practice. After all, there is no better teacher than mother nature.

At JW Harris Memorial School, we focus on making citizens that can go out in the world and thrive. Therefore, we make sure that field trips serve the purpose of imparting holistic learning in our students. Apart from learning about their subjects, our students also learn soft skills such as effective communication, leadership, and teamwork on these trips. Thus field trips equip the students with the proper combination of skill and mindset which are crucial for building and leading a prosperous community. For, there is no better teacher than nature.