At JW Harris memorial, one of the best schools in Libya, you can acquire the admission form from the campus itself. After filling out the form with all the details of your ward and your contact information, you should submit it to the school directly. At present, we don’t offer online application facilities, and you have to get in touch with the school regarding any query related to the admission process. If you have some doubts while filling up the form, you can always contact us. 

Our admission process is not tough to crack. We don’t believe in admitting only the children with already high-IQ levels. On the contrary, we aspire to help the students develop a higher IQ under our training. If your ward can speak, know and understand things properly, you can apply for his/her admission at the JW Harris Memorial. 

As one of the top schools in Libya, we don’t discriminate or judge, as our sole aim is to create intelligent minds, who will take the economical status of our country to the next level.