The J.W. Harris Association


J.W. Harris Association is a non-profitable US-based organization. Our primary mission is to provide support to children all across Africa. The association has been named after the african pioneer in the field of education, Mr. J.W. Harris. 

J.W. Harris stands for Jarteh Wisseh Harris. The first name, “Jar – teh”, means bringing out meaningful development or issue. The late J. W. Harris was one of the pioneers of education in the sub – Grebo Tribe of Jedepo who saw education as a means of eradicating poverty and encouraging self- reliance in the mid-1940’s Africa. Having gained his Primary Education in the Coastal Town of King William, he returned to his homeTown, Nyennawliken, Jedepo, North-Eastern Sinoe County where he became a light in the darkness and served as a clerk to the Commissioner of Kpanyan District.

Serving the Children of Africa in all Capacities

The J.W. Harris Association is devoted to serving the children of Africa in all capacities. We believe that it is only through proper education and nurturing the inner talents of the children of our communities that we can pave the path for a flourishing nation and a prosperous Africa.

With the recent problems that have been faced by our country, we believe that the job of rebuilding the society cannot be left on the shoulders of the government alone. In such a scenario, J.W. Harris Association is a beacon of light as it is helping forge a better tomorrow for our nation with education being its primary tool.