Curriculum Overview

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School Activities - JW Harris Memorial School


The aim of JW Harris Memorial school is the complete development of our children. We want them to become rational human beings with enquiring minds and the ability to question and argue rationally. We want our children to be fit physically as well as mentally so that they can find success in their adult life.

The Perfect Surrounding

To help fulfill our aim, we make sure that:

  • Our children are equipped with the necessary skills, understanding, and knowledge of the world they are growing up in so that they can keep pace with its fast-changing nature while enjoying their formative years.
  • The children have great proficiency in numbers and language which are the two keys to succeed in life.
  • Our children grow up with respect for their religious beliefs, respect and understand all religions, races, and cultures. We also want to make sure that they know the importance of personal moral values and how to adhere to them. 
  • Know the value of human achievement and aspire to contribute to society in any way they can.
  • They know how to be creative, grow their own spirituality, and have a great sense of aesthetics.
School Activities - JW Harris Memorial School

Subject Summary

To make sure our children learn through experience, we have self-assessment and self-learning here at JW Harris Memorial. Plus, we place great emphasis on learning through real-life interactions; so, we take our children for outside tours and visits so that they gain knowledge and experience of the world they live in. Along with that, we regularly invite distinguished speakers and experts to come to our school to impart their unique knowledge and guidance to our children.