Dear parents, 

At JW Harris Memorial, we offer your ward immense care and support to realize their potential and individual talents to excel in a competitive world. As one of the best schools in Logan Town, our advanced educational methods ensure maximum satisfaction on the part of the students, and our teachers are committed to providing special, one-on-one attention whenever deemed necessary. You need not worry about social threats like racial discrimination, and etc, as long as your wards are within our premises. We oppose any kind of discrimination, as we believe that it harms the ability for human beings to exist harmoniously.

Once your wards get admitted to JW Harris, we treat them like the future of Libya and ensure complete access to all kinds of knowledge and training required to make their mark in the world. Our education structure challenges conventions and breaks the norm to recreate the old, worn-out educational system. Be it the syllabus or the advanced teaching methodologies, we proudly declare that JW Harris Memorial thinks out of the box while imparting education to your children. 

So get your children admitted to JW Harris Memorial, and give us the chance to shape the future of our nation by educating the students in Libya. We promise that we will try to bring out the best of their abilities  to help them succeed in an uncompromising world.