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Let's Begin Together

Welcome to JW Harris Memorial School

Experience the difference – at JW Harris Memorial School, the oldest school in Liberia, we believe in empowering our students with knowledge so that they can lead in every area of life.

Education is not only about following a curriculum and imparting knowledge. Education involves developing future leaders, nurturing kids who can take charge of their own lives, and bring changes in the lives of others. Being the best school in Liberia, we are committed to giving our students every opportunity to grow and realize their potential.

JW Harris Memorial School is one of the best private schools in Liberia. We have developed a wonderful community of students and teachers who struggle hard to excel in every field. Our relationship extends beyond the classrooms to include all aspects of our lives to help our students grow into great human beings.

All children should get an equal opportunity to study and develop themselves. Education is that magic wand that can set us free, and so, JW Harris Memorial School strives to provide education to all.

Check out Monrovia high school website to find more details on our school. We are one of the most reputed and best schools in Liberia and proud of the service we provide to society. We want to strive harder and help our children to move ahead in life through world-class education. Our dream is to achieve international standards of education so that our students can compete in the global economy.

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Who We Are

J.W. Harris Memorial School. As the name sound, it reveals a grass root and indigenous name. It is a dream of fulfillment from Father to Son.

J.W. Harris Means Jarteh Wisseh Harris in which “Jar – teh meaning bringing out meaningful development or issue in the Grebo dialect.

Our school is one family

We encourage our students to follow their hobbies and interests so that they enjoy coming to school and learn something new each day. They are given ample opportunities to play and get physical activities. They learn vital skills like social skills, leadership skills, and communication skills while playing with their peers. We monitor their growth and provide help if any student needs intervention.

Our nurturing environment

As the best high school in Liberia, we are responsible for providing quality education and making our students successful in their future lives. However, our commitment goes beyond that. Our teachers give attention to each student’s needs and find out their hidden talent using which they can guide the students to find the right career path.

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Mission Statement

We at J.W Harris adopt and teach 6 core values which are love, trust, courage, friendship, respect, and forgiveness.

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Our admission procedure is easy as we make sure to provide equal and effective education to all. Join Liberia High School

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JW Community

We at J.W. Harris believe in creating a community where our students, teachers, and parents can come and communicate together in good faith.

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Our Charity

J.W. Harris Memorial School also runs a charity aimed at helping poor and less fortunate children to gain some quality education which they usually cannot.

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View our Gallery to have a highlight of our celebrations at the school. We are one of the best Schools in Monrovia Liberia.

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Support Charity Foundation

A small contribution can make a lot of difference. You can support us by becoming a volunteer in our charity foundation.


Job Opportunities

We are always on a lookout for talented and self-driven people who can work as teaching and non-teaching staff at all our educational levels.

Uniform for September

The school uniform shop is open throughout the whole of the summer holidays, so parents can purchase the uniforms beforehand. 

It’s a humble request of the Governors and Headteacher to adhere to our school uniform policy.