Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at JW Harris Memorial School is designed to promote holistic learning and all-round development of the students. We believe that a strong foundation is essential for building a strong character. Therefore, we impart the essential moral values in our students from the preschool level itself. Our curriculum is designed keeping in mind the cognitive, physical and emotional capacities of the children of the community. Therefore, we have a curriculum that is optimally challenging to bring about proper intellectual and physical growth in the students while fostering their emotional and spiritual health at the same time.

Learning By Doing

Our curriculum focuses extensively on building a scientific temperament in the students. Hence, subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are given the required attention and are taught in great depth at our institute. We even have fully furnished Physics, Chemistry, and Biology labs to facilitate experiential learning.

In a world dominated by computers, it is of utmost importance for an individual to be well acquainted with the device in order to compete and thrive. Our curriculum serves just the purpose of having the students understand and work on practice computer systems in our fully furnished Computer Labs.

Making World Leaders

Most importantly, our curriculum is designed in a way that facilitates all-around development of the students and shapes them into competent individuals with the ability and desire to bring about positive changes in their homes, their community, and the whole world.